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The jMax Phoenix Roadmap and TODO list

This page is a way to make a little more what is going on in the project. It contains a version Roadmap, a TODO list, and a section on the work in progress right now.


For the moment, i am working on a first public release with the following characteristics:

1) Include a stable configuration system, i.e. the transition from tcl to XML must be completed. 2) It is still based on the monothreaded architecture. 3) Use Portaudio to use ALSA and Jack. 4) Run on Linux, Mac OS X, and possibly Windows.

This version will be the bases for future extensions, including work on the following subjects, not necessarly in this order.

1) A new execution architecture, backward compatible, but based on LLVM for DSP and Control. 2) A new DSP architecture and compiler, including generic types and flexible scheduling. 3) A data flow based multi threaded architecture. 4) Support for external languages, like Pure and Faust. 5) Generic editors for objects. 6) More objects 7) Source (partial ?) compatibility with Pure Data objects.


The following are short term items.

Complete the portmidi device implementation.

Clean up the DSP code to actually allows the choice of an arbitrary buffer size. Most of the code assume the buffer size to be 64.

Move the device configuration from tcl to XML.

Move the user interface configuration from tcl to XML.

Work In Progress

The portaudio/portmidi implementation is complete. I am working on something new and special, more later.


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